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Throughout the flight the NYPD had stayed in contact with air traffic controllers to ensure no time was lost. The pilot had been keeping us informed of how we were doing time-wise and we found out later that air traffic control had worked hard to ensure we landed on time, but then there was still going to be the traffic to negotiate in order to make it for the show. When the plane doors opened I was met by the police and airport security who rushed me straight through all the arrival procedures and then got me out as quickly as possible.

We had just about enough time to find me a guitar strap as I walked on to the stage. I heard the band count the song in and bang there I was, in front of thousands of people playing away. I just about managed to get to the microphone for the opening line of the song. In then hit me that this am in the morning my time and I thought what am I doing here! But it was great. One fan, Rosalia Rosen, had been present at The Beatles show at Shea as well as being in the audience on Friday night. I barely breathed, I just stood there and absorbed him. This was to prove to be a memorable night for Paul to, having first performed at Shea Stadium with The Beatles in at the height of Beatlemania, just one year after the stadium opened.

Famous film footage recorded at the time shows thousands of fans fainting, crying and screaming; the world had never seen anything like it. The Beatles concert at Shea was groundbreaking and record breaking and is now seen as the most famous music concert ever.

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It was the first outdoor concert on a large scale that demonstrated such events could be hugely successful and profitable. Like a lot of things we did, it was going into the unknown. The technology was so different. Vox had specially designed us watt amplifiers but they were nowhere near loud enough. The crowd were just as loud this time round but technology has moved on now so we can hear what we are playing. This stadium is such a special place to us. For most people that would be enough excitement for one weekend but not for Paul McCartney. Paul McCartney was the talk of the town.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

The city was full of posters, banners, buskers and fans. Paul landed in Quebec the evening ahead of his show and as he made his way from the airport to his hotel he happily stopped his car to sign autographs for the fans that lined the streets for the entire distance of the journey. It really set such a great vibe for the weekend.

Organisers estimated that The Plains Of Abraham could only take up to 60, people. They began to worry as it became clear that literally hundreds of thousands of people were descending upon the city with one objective — to see Paul McCartney. World famous architecture, a popular Internships In Chicago belayarchitecture.

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World famous architecture, a popular water feature and multicultural elements are just a few of the reasons Chicago is a desirable place to complete your internship. Visit our Webmasters and Bloggers Page for more details.

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Video appeared first on Credit. San-antonio Business the client web service is not working wsus beta forex md toll https email11 secureserver. It's official, Microsoft and Palm are friends September 26, Tagged: microsoft , palm , treo , verizon : Related Tags: microsoft , official.

Terrorist hunting dolphins on the loose September 26, From the Guardian Unlimited : It may be the oddest tale to emerge from the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Armed dolphins, trained by the US military to shoot terrorists and pinpoint spies underwater, may be missing in the Gulf of Mexico Posted in Personal and Humor. Tagged: dolphins , hurricane , oil , terrorism : Related Tags: hurricane katrina , dolphins trained , dolphins , hurricane , trained.

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Save money on the next VoIP conference September 26, Tagged: conference , voip , voip conference : Related Tags: conference. Rich Tehrani quoted in the Economist September 26, With no marginal cost, Skype can thus afford to maximise the number of its users, knowing that if only some of them start buying its fee-based services—such as SkypeOut, SkypeIn and voicemail—Skype will make money. This adds up to a very unusual business plan.

Tagged: ebay , skype , voip : Related Tags: quoted economist , skype , users. Nokia Phone September 26, Tagged: nokia , treo : Related Tags: features dedicated , nokia leaked , nokia , mobile , phone , supports. Tagged: gn , gn netcom , headset , voip : Related Tags: contact center , canceling microphone , standard microphone , wideband frequency , sound quality , microphone. Interesting Windows Vista features September 26, But here it is from the horse's mouth, on Microsoft's site : Fast On and Off: A Windows Vista computer starts and shuts down as quickly and reliably as a television, typically within 2 to 3 seconds.

Tagged: media center edition , microsoft , windows vista : Related Tags: windows vista , media center , shutdown seconds , operating system , windows , vista. Is this photo real or fake? September 26, Massachusetts turns its back on Hurricane Katrina pets September 23, Yes, because Massachusetts animals welfare is so much more important than the welfare of displaced Gulf State animals.

And I guess Massachusetts' animals and pets are more important than the other 46 states that have willingly accepted displaced Gulf State animals. So, let me ask you, are you going to require any Hurricane Katrina-displaced people entering Massachusetts to have all their shots up to date as well? Tagged: animals , hurricane katrina , pets : Related Tags: hurricane katrina , animals affected , parvo heartworm , rescue group , massachusetts animals , animals.

One VoIP show down, one more to go! September 23, Tagged: conference , voip , voip tradeshow : Related Tags: internet telephony , expect , telephony , providers , internet. VoIP for Treo September 23, Tagged: treo , voip : Related Tags: mobile carriers , outbound caller , phone numbers , enables mobile , talkplus , caller. Microsoft turns 30 September 22, Tagged: bill gates , linux , microsoft : Related Tags: microsoft turns , microsoft , friday.

Vonage's service September 22, Designed for mobility, VoIP Verify provides Vonage subscribers with a simple tool to determine the availability and extent of the individual's emergency services coverage from the caller's current registered location. Posted in Vonage. Tagged: , , e , vonage : Related Tags: vonage , service. Tagged: divx , download , film , hd : Related Tags: festival content , editing systems , south florida , found hdfest , playback hdfest , hdfest.

Posted in VoIP , Vonage. Tagged: acme packets , earthlink truevoice , ensim , level 3 , voip , vonage : Related Tags: reselling vonage , heard earthlink , broadband service , press release , voice customers , earthlink. Ham radio operators to the rescue September 20, Amateur radio operators have always filled in the gap when other communications systems failed.

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Hurricane Katrina was no exception. In the storm's aftermath, operators of amateur, or "ham," radios have been instrumental in helping residents in the hardest hit areas, including saving stranded flood victims in Louisiana and Mississippi. Tagged: ham radio , ham radio operators , hurricane katrina : Related Tags: amateur radio , radio operators , emergency communications , radio emergency , state local , radio.

In fact, it's even better that that. Tagged: aol , gips , on2 , pingtel , sip , voip : Related Tags: voice video , using pingtel , software development , video processing , quickly easily , video. Is Google becoming the dreaded Skynet?

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  • September 20, According to Baghdad veteran, national security information specialist and Jabber, Inc. Posted in Google. Tagged: jabber , skynet , terminator , xmpp : Related Tags: general dynamics , information sharing , government customers , information systems , systems jabber , information. Broadband-in-gas BiG delivers broadband September 20, Tagged: broadband , broadband-in-gas , gas : Related Tags: broadband services , study finds , deliver broadband , research consulting , service providers , broadband.

    Tagged: broadsoft , ringback tones , voip , voip ringback tones : Related Tags: ringback tones , custom ringback , incoming callers , service providers , enterprise residential , ringback. IPdrum launches September 20, Tagged: ipdrum , mobile skype , skype : Related Tags: skype cable , mobile skype , mobile telephone , ipdrum mobile , skype calls , skype.

    Posted in Linux. Tagged: advancedmc , advancedtca , artesyn , montavista , processorpmc : Related Tags: carrier grade , blades modules , grade linux , certified montavista , linux carrier , montavista. Posted in Reviews , VoIP. Tagged: aol totaltalk , broadband voip , gips , on2 , pingtel , skype , voip , vonage : Related Tags: taxes additional , includes unlimited , unlimited domestic , phone service , totaltalk service , phone.

    Intel and Asterisk September 20, Posted in Asterisk. Tagged: asterisk , asterisk business edition , hmp , intel : Related Tags: business edition , asterisk business , building blocks , media processing , intel dialogic , asterisk. Cisco targets SMB September 19, Tagged: cisco , cisco smb , smb : Related Tags: cisco , market. Tagged: conferencing , free conference calls , sip , softphone : Related Tags: gizmo project , conference calls , conferencing platform , conference calling , freeconferencecall gizmo , conference. Hydrogen alternative fuel for existing cars September 19, Tagged: alternative fuel , hybrid cars , hydrogen fuel : Related Tags: mileage using , water hydrogen , better mileage , battery alternator , recipe disaster , hydrogen.

    Keep your eye on Eyeball Networks September 19, Tagged: eyeball networks , simple , sip , voip , xmpp : Related Tags: eyeball networks , operating officer , stated eyeball , shift force , chief operating , eyeball. Tagged: harman kardon drive play , ipod , ipod accessory , ipod car : Related Tags: workshops garage , harman kardon , kardon drive , european version , auxiliary input , drive. September 19, Tagged: basketball , uconn : Related Tags: safest school , uconn safest , school america , uconn , america , grass. Well, here's some big news about a VoIP solution for the enterprise, specifically the lucrative call center market from two big boys - namely Siemens and Genesys.

    The goal of this partnership is to create a complete IP contact center solution. No, I'll never get over Macho Grande!

    Siemens Communications, Inc. PA , today announced a new integration of technologies - using open next-generation session initiation protocol SIP standards - to bring a single, centralized platform of rich contact center and communication solutions to large enterprises. Tagged: call center , genesys , siemens , sip , voip : Related Tags: contact center , siemens genesys , combined solution , center solution , siemens communications , genesys. Avaya buys Nimcat Networks September 19, Tagged: avaya , nimcat networks , p2p voip : Related Tags: nimcat networks , networks , nimcat.

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