Solemnize their own marriage colorado

In Colorado, this is a legal option! As of this writing, a Colorado marriage or civil union may be solemnized by the following: Judge, Court Magistrate, Religious or Tribal Official — OR — the couple themselves!

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Because the State of Colorado does not require any specific legal wording within your wedding ceremony, your ceremony can be exactly the way you want it and your performer can be anyone you choose. However, if the performer is not one of the above-named legal solemnizers, the performer may NOT sign your marriage license as the official party because of their lack of legal capacity.

Please ask at the County offices for legal clarification if you choose this option. Do keep in mind that an online ordination is not recognized as legally sufficient to perform weddings in every state. She walked us through everything and cut the stress out! She was warm and funny but tasteful! You can not make a mistake choosing her it would be a mostake NOT to choose her!

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Couples themselves can solemnize their own marriage C. Others who can solemnize a marriage are judges, retired judges, magistrates, public officials authorized to perform marriages, or in accordance with any mode of solemnization recognized by a religious denomination, American Indian tribe, or nation.

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Not anyone can solemnize a marriage. Although the couple may solemnize their own marriage, that does not mean a friend or relative can also solemnize their marriage.

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Clergy from out-of-state need not be registered in Colorado. Skip to Main Content. Requirements Age The requirements for both parties are the same: 18 and older - No parental consent is required 16 and 17 - Consent of both parents, or the parent having sole legal custody, or guardian, or judicial approval is required Younger than 16 - Consent of parents or guardian and judicial approval court order are required, no exceptions Identification Valid identification must be furnished by both parties, i.

Self Solemnization Elopement in Colorado | Pros and Cons of a Self Officiated Wedding

Blood Test As of July 1, , blood tests are not required. It is important to note that not all towns in Pennsylvania will allow this type of marriage to be performed, so you must ask your local city hall about their regulations. Whether you want an intimate wedding or to save money, both civil weddings and self-uniting weddings can offer you what you want on your special day. For help obtaining your vital records like a birth certificate or divorce certificate, you can visit VitalChek. Can I get Married Without an Officiant?

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Solemnize their own marriage colorado
Solemnize their own marriage colorado
Solemnize their own marriage colorado
Solemnize their own marriage colorado
Solemnize their own marriage colorado
Solemnize their own marriage colorado

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