Replacing a oklahoma birth certificate

Skip to Main Content. We are able to issue certified birth certificates for anyone that was born in Texas and certified death certificates for anyone that died in the city limits of Wichita Falls. For any deaths that occurred in surrounding towns of Wichita Falls, these records should be filed with the Wichita County Offices. Please call our office to verify before sending in a request.

All certificates issued from this office are certified copies of the original record on security paper that meets state requirements, which bears our Health Department Seal and the Texas State Health Department Seal within the paper. She has yet to receive the birth certificate and she has called numerous times.

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There are a lot of online complaints about your company not sending documents that people have paid for and I see why. You need to stop taking money from hard working consumers if you are not going to send the documents that they pay for. Hello Renay and thank you for taking the time to reach out to us. We apologize for the experience your mother had while using our service and we would like to assist you further.

VitalChek does not send the certificates out the state vital records office locates the certificate and sends it directly to the customer.

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If you could please send us a direct email including your mothers VitalChek order number we would like to look into this. We will contact the actually state or county office to find out why you still have not received it. You can email us directly at Vitals. Research VitalChek. Sincerely, Nichole H.

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How do I get a copy of my birth certificate with the bank that bond it my birth certificate on it. Hello Jeremiah. We would like to assist you but are not sure what it is you are asking. Please clarify your question so we may assist you. Your a little late Nichole. My mother has called with her order number and has been given a song and dance about the certificate has been sent.

A supervisor was suppose to call her and she waited and waited for a phone call that never arrived. Why are people paying for your services if they are not receiving some kind of paper document? As you know, not all people have or choose to use computers.

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Unfortunately a government agency has chosen to outsource this job out to your company yet your company has a habit of not providing services. There are quite a few complaints about this company and my mother just wanted a copy of her birth certificate that she needed. Your company had every opportunity to take care of that instead of giving excuses. Use this example as an opportunity to make sure your company takes care of their customers.

If phone calls are ignored, what makes you think someone is going to answer an email.

No confidence in this company. Hello Maria and thank you for your question. If your certificate has an error you can contact the amendments and corrections department at vital records office that issued the certificate. Depending on the error and the state you were born in the procedures may vary. Thank you, Nichole H. Hello Sritha. Thanks for reaching out to us. It will more than likely be a complicated process to amend the date on your birth certificate.

We suggest you contact the vital records agency that originally issued your birth certificate to find out what steps you will need to take so that the date on your birth certificate and your records match. Hello, I dont have time to wait for the processing time. Hello and thank you for your question. You can only use the walk in service in the state you were born. If you cannot go in person then the only other people who are entitle to your record would be your mother or father named on the certificate.

The next fastest option would be using VitalChek. I have lived most of my life outside of the US and need to apply for a social security number.

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How can I apply for the birth certificate? Sounds like a Catch Please let me know how I can apply for it? When ordering a birth certificate a social security number is not typically required. However if you are using the VitalChek. That is the way that we are able to verify the correct person is ordering the certificate. If we are unable to verify who you are by the social security number, due to you not having one that is fine, we would just need you to provide a copy of your valid government I.

However, if you were to send your application in to the vital records office by mail you would typically only need to provide your I. If you have any further questions regarding the online ordering process please feel free to contact our office at We may even be able to place your order over the phone depending on the state you born in.

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Hi I have the same issue. What do we do now? This is a problem that occurs quite frequently especially with people around your mothers age.

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  6. The answer to this question will depend on the state where she was born. Hopefully we can help you find a way to obtain your mother certificate. I need the time of birth, will a copy of birth cert dual citizenship work? Its a shame i already have a copy of my cert and have to pay just to get time of birth. I need asap and told info cant be given over the phone will have to wait up to 25 business days or longer reading this blog. Hello JC and thank you for your question. Unfortunately not all birth certificates list the time of birth. It is at the discretion of the state or county vital records office to what is included on their records.

    Usually the time of birth is not a field required for legal use however in your case it sound like it is. I can understand wanting ALL of your birth information to be included on you certificate. Did you order this through the VitalChek service or did you order directly through the state?

    If you ordered directly from the state please contact there office and let them know this information is required for what you are needing it for. If you ordered the VitalChek service please send us a direct email at Vitals. Research vitalchek. Hello David and thank you for reaching out to us. Typically if an order is cancelled this means the total money was not charged to the card.

    If you can please contact our office directly at or email us directly at Vitals. We would like the opportunity to assist you further. What is the difference between the two? Hello Rachel and thank you for your question. Each state can call their certificates something a little different.

    Replacing a oklahoma birth certificate
    Replacing a oklahoma birth certificate
    Replacing a oklahoma birth certificate
    Replacing a oklahoma birth certificate
    Replacing a oklahoma birth certificate
    Replacing a oklahoma birth certificate

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