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Marriage Banns [ pubblicazioni, notificazioni, memorandum ]. Proclamation, allegations, or banns [ notificazioni, pubblicazioni, memorandum ].

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These notifications were made a few weeks before a couple planned to marry. The couple may have been required to announce their intended marriage to give other community members the opportunity to raise any objections to the marriage. If one member of the bridal party lived elsewhere, banns were posted in that community also. If you know that a marriage took place but cannot find it in the marriage records of the community, search the marriage banns.

It may be posted there and lead you to the community where the marriage actually took place. Supporting documents [ processetti or allegati ]. These documents were often filed by the bride and groom in support of their intent or "solemn promise" to marry. The names of former spouses and their death dates are also provided.

Certificates [ certificati ]. The individual who performed the ceremony or the civil office where the ceremony was recorded may have given the couple a certificate of marriage. This may be in the possession of the family, and the civil registrar may have copies. Usually, however, when writing for information and requesting a certificate, you will receive only a transcription of the most pertinent information.

How to Request Birth Certificates From Italy

Extracts [ estratti ] will give you the complete information. Marriage registers [ registri dei matrimoni ]. Civil officials recorded the marriages they performed in registers, usually preprinted forms bound in a book and kept in the civil office. Marriage registers give the date of the marriage and the names of the bride and groom. They also indicate whether the bride and groom were single or widowed and give the names of witnesses. They often include other information about the bride and groom, such as age, birthplace, residence, occupation, name of person giving consent, and names of parents.

In cases of second and later marriages, the marriage registers may include the names of previous spouses and their death dates. The registers usually include the date of the church ceremony. There are two types of printed forms found when researching Italian civiil marriages. The first is a "solemn promise" to marry - a document created when a couple appeared at the city offices and promised they would marry one another the banns had already been posted by this time. This document is usually found in pre-unification records The second is a post-unification record and is the actual marriage document.

See translations of these pre-printed forms. Before divorces were illegal in Italy. Divorce records are not open to the public. The Family History Library does not have any Italian divorce records. Civil death records often exist for individuals for whom there are no birth or marriage records. Deaths were usually registered within a day of the death in the town or city where the person died.

They usually provide the names of spouses and parents and whether or not they were still living.

Stillbirths are recorded in separate registers entitled nato morto. In later records they are included in the allegati. They were not recorded in either the birth or death records. If an infant died within hours after birth, the birth and death records should both be found. See a translation of one pre-printed form.

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A civil record unique to Italy is the stato di famiglia, or state of the family certificate. The comune keeps a record of each family and updates each change, including births, marriages, deaths, and emigration. All individuals in a household are included. Some households include more than one family. Historical states of the family [ stato di famiglia storico ] are kept at the provincial archive [ufficio dello stato civile]. These records document past generations of families. Not all areas have kept this record, but where they exist, they are a valuable research tool. Births, marriages, and deaths were written in the civil registration records as they occurred and thus are arranged chronologically.

Where available, indexes can help you find your ancestor more easily. Annual Indexes. Some years have an annual index. FamilySearch is now focusing on its second, much more challenging goal, to use online volunteers to create a searchable online database that makes every name, place, and date in each record estimated to be over million names easily discoverable on any internet-enabled device—for free.

FamilySearch also has Church records in Italy dating back to the s. Starting a little later, Italy's court tribunali records can be found.

Civil records became available after After annexing large sections of Italy during his reign, Napoleon Bonaparte introduced civil registration and the mandatory creation of duplicate records. Today, these are a gold mine for Italian family history researchers—as they continue to become accessible online. The last time I included 5 Euro along with all the required paperwork but still nothing. My question is, can I go to the office and request it? Will it be given to me on the spot? I will be in the EU soon and want to know if making a significant detour would be worth it.

Thanks for any advice. Were you successful in obtaining the birth certificate? I am about to start the process and would love to hear if you've had any luck. Thank you for the information. I have written several e mails requesting my grandfather's birth certificate and offered to pay any fees but never got a response. After reading your post I asked them about necessary forms, fees, and requirements so I could - as you suggest - send the documents to them in regular mail.

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I hope my results are better this time. I am putting Italian stamps on the self addressed stamped envelope. Stamps were purchase from Italian seller on EBay. Thanks so much for your info! So helpful. One question What size envelope did you include? Just a regular sized one or a legal sized one? That's great Mike!

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I hope you get the results you're looking for, and find everything you need. For earlier questions about where I get my information I also found the info very helpful - thank you. I mailed my request a week ago and am hoping to hear back soon.

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italy and birth records and derubis Italy and birth records and derubis
italy and birth records and derubis Italy and birth records and derubis
italy and birth records and derubis Italy and birth records and derubis
italy and birth records and derubis Italy and birth records and derubis
italy and birth records and derubis Italy and birth records and derubis
italy and birth records and derubis Italy and birth records and derubis
italy and birth records and derubis Italy and birth records and derubis

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