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Read full story. Frequently asked questions 1. What is car insurance? Car insurance is a type of insurance policy required to provide protection to your vehicle against any damage which might result into a financial loss. In addition to it, any third party liability which has arisen due to use of your vehicle is covered under car insurance.

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As per the Motor Vehicle Act, it is mandatory to buy a liability only policy without which one cannot use the vehicle on road. What is a comprehensive insurance policy? A comprehensive insurance policy provides protection to your vehicle due to any impact damage, fire, theft, earthquake etc.

In addition to this, it provides cover against any third party liability in terms of death, bodily injury and third party property damage. What are the various types of car insurance policies? There are two type of car insurance policies - comprehensive and liability only policy. What are the various long term policies available for car insurance? As per the Supreme Court directive, with effect from 1st Sept, , every brand new car owner has to buy a long term policy. You may choose from the following long term policies for your prized possession: Liability only policy for 3 years policy duration Package policy for 3 years policy duration Bundled policy with 3 years liability cover and 1 year cover for own damage.

Is third party liability a mandatory policy? Yes, the Motor Vehicle Act states that every motor vehicle plying on the road has to be insured with a Liability Only policy at the very least. What is Zero depreciation cover or bumper to bumper coverage? Zero depreciation is an add-on cover and has to be purchased by paying additional premium. It offers complete coverage to your vehicle without factoring into depreciation.

Any excess or deductible as per the policy document has to be borne by you. When searching for cheap auto insurance you really need to pay attention to details of any proposed policy and this means paying particular attention to the types of auto insurance included in the quote. Every auto insurance company offers liability insurance to comply with state requirements however most drivers also opt for supplemental insurance such as collision, comprehensive, GAP insurance and other types.

How much auto insurance do you need? Sometimes you may find a vast different in the cost of auto insurance from one provider to another and while this can be due simply to different pricing formulas it can also be that one policy has a lot less coverage than another. You also want to pay attention to the amount of coverage an auto insurance company is proposing for each different type of insurance. Always make sure that both the types of coverage and the amount of coverage are equal otherwise you are not truly comparing the same quotes. What are some things I can do to save money and find the cheapest au to insurance rates?

Once you understand how auto insurance works then its time to start applying money saving tips. Almost all auto insurance companies offer discounts however these auto insurance discounts not only vary by provider but the amount of the discount also. What cars have the cheapest auto insurance rates?

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Well, how to skip straight to the final numbers is essentially learn about all the common auto insurance discounts available in the marketplace. Each time you ask for an auto insurance quote go down the list of these discounts and ask about your eligibility for each one. The more knowledge you have about auto insurance discounts the greater chances you have of finding the cheapest auto insurance quotes.

Some of the most common discounts include:. Auto insurance comparison is a key factor in finding cheap auto insurance.

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Hence, you must check the correctness of the endorsement before submitting the same. For the purpose of applying premium rate, the place where the vehicle is registered is taken into consideration, instead of the place where the vehicle is used. If your vehicle has been registered in Mumbai, the rate applicable for Zone A is charged. Even when you shift to a different city, the same premium rate will be applicable for your vehicle. Similarly, if a vehicle is registered in a town or a tier 2 city, it attracts Zone B premium rate.

Subsequently even if the owner shifts to a metro, he will continue to be charged the Zone B rate. Yes, there is a possibility to transfer the insurance in the name of the buyer of the vehicle, provided the seller informs of such transfer in writing, to the insurance company. A fresh proposal form has to be filled in this case. There is a nominal fee charged for transfer of insurance with pro-rata recovery of NCB. This is charged from the date of transfer till the policy expires. If the policyholder fails to do so, no claim will be payable for own damage to the vehicle.

A valid car Insurance is mandatory by law for all cars running on Indian roads. There are mainly two types of car insurance in India offered by general insurance companies in India. They are- third party insurance and comprehensive insurance. Third party insurance covers for damage and liabilities of the third party only arising out of a collision. It is the most basic and cheapest form of car insurance to get.

Comprehensive insurance covers for damages for the insured vehicle and also the liability of the third party arising from the accident. The IDV is calculated on the ex-showroom price of the car and it changes annually as per the depreciation rate of a certain model. The other factors affecting car insurance premium include no claim bonus which is rewarded to the insured for not making any claims during the policy term. Discount on car insurance can be availed if the car owner has installed an anti-theft device approved by ARAI Automobile Research Association of India or opts for a voluntary deductible.

All the above factors affect the final calculation of the car insurance premium payable. The fitting of the CNG should be endorsed in the RC barring, which an insurance claim would be considered as void. The policy document is a ready reckoner that you can refer for the complete list of documents to be submitted if you have a Car.

If you are availing the cashless facility then only the repair invoice would be required. For theft claims, you would need to file an FIR with the local policy and the copy of the same needs to be submitted to the insurance company along with the keys of your vehicle and a non-traceable certificate. The premium for your car insurance is calculated on different factors for the Own Damage cover Comprehensive cover and the Third party cover. The Third party cover shields you from loss or injury you cause to a third-party the calculation is based on the engine capacity.

You may also apply for the Personal Accident cover, which will protect you from accidents. The premium amount would have the PA cover and service charges would be reflected in it. A third party liabilty insurance cover is clearly limited. But there are some scenarios where even a comprehensive car insurance policy with add-ons can't help:.

A comprehensive car insurance will cover your car from instances of theft, fire and vandalism. It also protects from natural disasters such as cyclone, floods, earthquakes, or from civil disturbances such as riots, which damages your car.

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A list of what perils are covered will be provided in the policy document. Make sure you go through the list to understand the protection being offered.

Along with this, it also covers any legal liability arising due to the damages caused to any third party triggered by your car. The third party car insurance only covers your legal liability for any loss and damages to third party because of your car.

find used car auto insurance quote Find used car auto insurance quote
find used car auto insurance quote Find used car auto insurance quote
find used car auto insurance quote Find used car auto insurance quote
find used car auto insurance quote Find used car auto insurance quote
find used car auto insurance quote Find used car auto insurance quote
find used car auto insurance quote Find used car auto insurance quote
find used car auto insurance quote Find used car auto insurance quote

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