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The more gas you save, the lighter the car and the more likely it is to kill you in a crash.

Design Regulations Helped Ruin American Cars

Corporate average fuel economy CAFE regs have certainly killed many people. Similarly, the more safe it is, the more gas it uses, as a general principle. Meanwhile, the gas itself is being ruined with corn additives that shorten the life of the engine.

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These regulations are responsible for the disappearance of the station wagon and the domination of the car market by huge vehicles that can be classified as trucks, which are regulated according to a different standard. No one set out to wreck the diversity and beauty of our cars. But that is precisely what has happened, as the political and bureaucratic elites have asserted their own value systems over the values of both producers and consumers. They are the masters and we are the slaves, and we are to accept our lot in life. Consider the point about pedestrians.

How many lives has a high front end really saved? No one knows. But the regulation itself seems to rule out the possibility that drivers and pedestrians can work out problems for themselves, without regulatory intervention. In other words, we are being treated like children. Wait, not even that. We are being treated as if we have no brains at all. Some 40 years ago, futurists imagined that cars of the future would be stunning and beautiful and would bring total joy to driving. Regulators made it the car of the past, a dashed dream that had to die to make way for the weird, homogenized stuff we are permitted to buy today.

Americans used to take pride in our cars and laugh at the horrible cars produced under socialism in, for example, East Germany. The Trabant will go down in history as one of the worst cars ever. But as we look back at it, at least you could see out the windows and at least the plan seemed to put the interests of the actual driver above Mother Nature and the nondrivers. The socialist central planners had a bit more sense than the American regulators. In the end, if the goal is to protect the pedestrians, the driver under test conditions, and the Earth, you can do no better than mass transit and the bicycle — or just walking.

The car was the foundation of the second industrial revolution. Encroaching government has robbed it of its future.

We once dreamed of a flying car. The regulators are putting us in the position of just dreaming about returning to the glory days of the s.

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Maybe someday cars will be beautiful again, but not until the regulations are repealed and car makers are again given freedom to delight us. Until then, we have to build our own or be rich enough to buy something entirely manufactured somewhere else only for the rich.

Everyone bemoans the end of the American car industry. We will be talking about this for generations hence. There are many factors. But how many know that regulations contributed mightily to making this inevitable? Eleven years ago, Satoshi Nakamoto announced the bitcoin whitepaper to the world. The thing that fooled us all for a while, myself included, is that we all thought bitcoin was solving a monetary or payments problem.

After all, tearing down the existing monetary system and building a new one was a fresh and exciting narrative. Anyways, Coinbase still believes this old tale. What is now apparent is that bitcoin was never a monetary phenomenon. No, bitcoin is a new sort of financial betting game. It is a digital, global, highly-secure, and fairer version of the old-fashioned chain letter.

If they guess right, the early birds win at the expense of the late ones. And they can win a lot of money, as Coinbase points out in its post:. But chain letters had a major flaw.

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The chain order could be easily compromised by a fraudster who miscopied the list and put their name at the front. Bitcoin fixes this by introducing robustness to chain letter-type games. Altering this chain order would require tremendous amounts of computer power, as Coinbase illustrates in this chart:. Bitcoin-the-game has been spectacularly successful.

Many people dream of thrusting themselves out of financial obscurity into millionaire land. Bitcoin is a technologically-sophisticated way to get there. Secondly, the way that bitcoin is designed helps it spread. Most of the legacy financial games that bitcoin competes with poker, lotteries, sports betting are regulated by the government. Strict rules prevent game providers from reaching a wide audience. For instance, online casinos may be prevented from serving out-of-state players, problem gamblers may be banned, and those who are under 18 must be excluded.

These financial games are usually centralized. This means they are hosted on a single website, or at a physical location like a casino, or by a government-run lottery corporation. Which makes it easy for regulators to shut down game providers who break the rules. But bitcoin is different.

Engines of Change

And so it can serve the entire globe with impunity. Which it has done by spreading into every crack and cranny on earth. Based entirely on whisps and storms of psychology, the price of bitcoin is inherently volatile. Users should expect the same for the next 11 years.

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Even if more people join a Keynesian beauty contest, the average opinion of the average opinion will always be a fickle, inconsistent thing, and so price will always be jittery. Yes, people do use bitcoin for payments. But this gets dwarfed by its popularity as a financial game. The problem is this. Bitcoin payment functionality is implemented on top of a highly volatile chassis, a fun but fickle beauty contest.

Which hobbles the effectiveness of the payments platform. That being said, the demand for bitcoin in economically volatile regions such as Venezuela has hit record highs. Coinbase could be right. In places like the U. But in places where monetary breakdowns have occurred, regular folks may be more willing to put up with the inherent pitfalls of transacting with bitcoin. When people are desperate to improve their lives, they may have little other option but to roll the dice. She races to a casino and plays roulette.

Bitcoin is one such a bet. Coinbase goes on to spout the typical cryptocurrency industry nonsense about legacy payments. That may be a good critique from ten years ago.

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For individuals and small businesses, fintech Transferwise offers instant remittances over fiat rails. These can settle on weekends in nations like the UK, which have real-time retail payments systems. Continuing along with hyperbole, Coinbase makes the claim that bitcoin remittance fees are minimal compared to fiat. But this ignores the sizable foreign exchange fees that one must pay when converting fiat into bitcoin and back into fiat. Let me give it a shot. His first car was a more conventional Texas yellow Beetle, the start of an ongoing love affair with VW, even though it got him arrested for attempted armed robbery.

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A human volcano of ideas and the ingenuity to make them happen, Edd is exhilarating company. Join him on his wild, wheeled adventures; see inside his engineering heroics; go behind the scenes on Wheeler Dealers. Climb aboard his giant motorized shopping cart, and let him take you into his parallel universe of possibility. There were many thousands of drawings of these futuristic models, but almost all have been lost or purposely destroyed by the manufacturers to minimize copying.

The eye-catching images shown in this book have been gathered together over the last 15 years and now form part of The Kelley Collection. These artists have been almost forgotten and this book honors them for their contributions and imagination.

books on history of american cars Books on history of american cars
books on history of american cars Books on history of american cars
books on history of american cars Books on history of american cars
books on history of american cars Books on history of american cars
books on history of american cars Books on history of american cars
books on history of american cars Books on history of american cars
books on history of american cars Books on history of american cars

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